Useful resources for Italian Startuppers

If you are working on an early stage start-up the Internet is full of useful resources, but it’s also easy to get lost in the sea of information. We compiled this curated list with the resources we find useful. We will keep it updated as we find new interesting resources, so keep coming back if you find it interesting. Also, feel free to recommend us your favourite to add to the list.

YC Startup SchoolA free course from Silicon Valley’s leading accelerator, Y Combinator. Learn to think big and to focus on growth
VentureUpGood starting point with resources for Italian startuppers. Including the list of all incubators and accelerators who can help you get started.
 InvitaliaItalian Agency for Development. Offers funding and support programs to support entrepreneurs
CDP Venture Capital
The Venture Investment arm of the  Investment Bank of the Italian Government